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Monthly Theme Day – February 2019 – White

  The kōtuku or white heron is a member of the Ardeidae family and sometimes considered a sub-species of the great egret Ardea alba. We have Hamish. Hamish was an almost permanent resident of Port Mapua  from the late 1980s … Continue reading

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What???! No beetroot???!!!

Hamish’s cafe on Mapua wharf is now serving burgers. They charge an extra dollar for beetroot. That’s because Tracey, the owner, is a Pom. You would have thought that by now she’d know that beetroot is a core component of … Continue reading

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Winter hours….

You could have fired a shotgun down Mapua wharf at 5:30 yesterday evening and not hit anyone. And it’s only JUST autumn….. Hamish’s? Closed. Golden Bear Brewery? Closed. Jellyfish restaurant? Closed. Our saviours were the Smokehouse and Lydia (for fish … Continue reading

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