Monthly Theme Day – March 2018 – Play


Plays don’t get much better than this.

Shakespeare in the Park at various open air locations around Nelson.

We saw “Twelfth Night” (or ” What you will”) in the gardens of  Fairfield House on a beautifully still evening surrounded by mature trees and bird song.

It’s an annual tradition, presented by Shakespeare Nelson, a grouping of professional and non-professional (one’s a teacher, one’s psychologist, one’s just left school…) actors.

Quite excellent and they don’t charge a fixed entry charge – just give what you think it’s worth.

And – the Top of the South being the Top of the South – we bumped into Daniel Merry (aforementioned student) at the Mussel Inn on the other side of the Takaka Hill.


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Sean Donald has been Knighted


Gig at the (extremely strange*) Playhouse Theatre, about 2 minutes down the track on Westdale Road from us here in Mapua on Friday night.

Now, until last week, I couldn’t have told Sean Donald from a cabbage, but anyone Flora Knight reckons is good to work with gets a big tick from me.

Flora used to play fiddle with The Eastern, one of my favourite bands,

and since then I’ve seen her in loose groupings like The Lonesome Pine Specials and mostly at the Moutere Inn.

She’s mega-cool, her fiddle-playing has become quite outstanding and it’s just fun bumping into her.

I’d review the set (played for a small bunch of people, most of whom I suspect were more chronologically gifted than me and I’m pushing hard at the biblical threescoreand mumble…), but  Roi Colbert of North & South Magazine does it excellently:

“A superb set from Sean Donald and Flora Knight. Fiddle and guitar, both singing. Close your eyes and it’s music from a crackling old American country and western radio show. “Does anyone here know Lefty Frizzell?” asks Knight. Frizzell would be three-and-a half-times Knight’s age if he were still alive.”

I like her heaps.

So call me a groupie….

* It’s REALLY strange. Sort of like a Hobbit cave with Xmas lights and a disco ball. No kidding

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…up the Motueka valley, there’s a one-lane bridge without signage.

Or there’s signage without a one-lane bridge.

Probably the former.

This turned up on the sandspit at Motueka beach.

Shame to leave it lying around….

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Not all of Riwaka’s apples ended up on Aporo Kina Beach.

Some got stuck in the wire netting around the local tennis court.

A lot were swept around until they ended up in a hollow somewhere.

And this is just the inconsequential stuff…..

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De-seed heritage tomatoes, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, season with sea salt and ground pepper and sprinkle with chopped thyme, marjoram and oregano and finely sliced garlic.

80 degrees Celcius with the oven door slightly ajar for 12 hours or so.

Could sun-dry them, but the bloody pukekos would steal half of them….

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Kina Beach? Yeah, nah…

Kina Beach is a favourite 6km walk, enhanced by being a good source for kina (sea urchin) shells.

Not this year.

Found none.

At all.

They could possibly rename it Aporo Beach, a loan word in the Maori language for apple.

Because the beach is strewn with them.

Cyclone Gita ripped through the orchards in Riwaka and Motueka on Tuesday, washing much of the windfall fruit out to sea where it’s been redistributed along the coastline.

Along with various other detritus

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Munted (NZ slang)

adj. refers to the property of an object (or person) as broken, ruined, significantly damaged, disfigured or deformed, often to the extent that it is not reversable or repairable.

Moturoa/Rabbit Island is an 8km long barrier island, protecting the Waimea inlet from the ravages of Tasman Bay.

That means it also protects us, 8 metres up on the bluff on the far side of the inlet.

2 big storms, one in early November and a massive one, combined with a king tide 3 weeks ago, tore out huge chucks of the coastline.

This road was once separated from the beach by dunes and a broad strip of grass.

This is the new coastline.

This is the new normal

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