Aporo Sculpture


The Ruby Bay bypass which rips its way through through the gorse and pines between Mapua and the coastal road to Motueka took heaps of traffic away from the Ruby Bay coastal route, stretching from Mapua to Kina

Good for people who had logging trucks barreling past their front door day and night, not so good if you made a living out of passing tourists.

The Ruby Coast Initiative Trust was created with the idea of making sure that people with time of their hands were nudged in the direction of the unique coastline.

And came up with the idea of signposting the route with 9m tall stainless steel sculptures

The first sculpture was  installed near the Tasman Village turnoff on Aporo Road, a 9 metre high stainless steel structure with silhouette cut outs of birds found in the Moutere Inlet with an information panel at the bottom to learn more about the local bird-life and acknowledge major sponsors.

The Mapua sculpture is intended to be based on a similar design but with fish and other marine life depicted and will be placed at the southern entry to the Ruby Coast on Mapua Drive, near Mapua Village.

The final gateway will be a series of totems with birds & fish and will be placed beside the bypass near the junction of Stagecoach Rd and the underpass.

Good stuff

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…at the Nelson Market

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Hoult House


Back in 2014, the Nelson Mail wrote :

The “haunted” Hoult house stands – well, up to a point – in a paddock alongside State Highway 6 at Wai-iti.

The original Hoult, Joseph, arrived in Nelson on the Prince of Wales in 1842, not long after the first batch of English ships had nudged into the Haven. He moved to Wai-iti, started milling trees, and raised a family, his sons eventually joining him in the business.

He built the house for his oldest, also named Joseph, who took his new bride Maria to live there in 1859. A good Catholic, Maria bore four children in five years – but the last, a baby named for his father and grandfather, died at six weeks old.

A month later Maria was gone too, aged just 26 – and her husband found himself not just one of the first steam sawmillers in the district, but mother and father to three children under five.

No idea when the last people moved out, but it was likely used to store hay.

But abandon a house built in 2016 and it’ll be gone within 2 decades.

I guarantee….

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Katoa on the swivel…


The instant the tide changed at the Mapua channel.

High-ish tide (4.2m) at 10:32, not a breath of wind, menacing clouds that gave off a few drops, but nothing else.

Big tide coming up on Friday – 4.6m and dropping to o.1m.

Should be able to walk across to Rabbit Island without invoking any Biblical “Part the waters” stuff…

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On yer bike

  You only get this view if you’re on a) the velociped or b) shank’s ponies.
Great Taste Trail, looking from the Richmond foreshore across to Nelson

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Pick of the litter


Meet new neighbour Rusty.

One of Al’s litter of 12.

Rhett thought he looked pretty good.

So do I


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“Gentleman, start your engines…”


That’s more  Indie 500  than Le Mans, but there they wave the flag, the drivers (used to) run across the track, jump into their cars, crank them up and head off for a  24 hour jaunt around the track..

At the NZ Antique & Classic Boat Show, held annually at Lake Rotoiti in the Nelson Lakes National Park, it’s a bit different.

The chappy in the Control caravan cajoles the owners of dinghies powered by Marston Seagull engines to gather  on the shore in front of him (6 obliged).

The boats are held in position by non-participants and the countdown begins: 5-4-3-2-1- blast of the air horn;

Drivers rush (at various degrees of rushingness…) to their boat, clamber in and  start the engine.

Which involves winding a cord around the flywheel and pulling, releasing all 1 (or 2) horsepower in a cacaphony of 2-stroke madness.

If it doesn’t catch, wind the cord again, pull.D7K_0420

If all fails, paddle away and accept last place while watching the others motor around the 2 lap course….D7K_0422


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