Moving house….


This Art Deco villa used to live in Nelson.

As the Nelson Mail writes in its usual illiterate manner:

“The 1940s art deco house on Nelson’s Shelbourne St near Nelson cathedral, has been cut in half, ready to make the road trip to it’s [sic] new home in Upper Moutere on Wednesday night.”

That was back in early January.

The idea was that it would live on the trailer for a couple of days while Tasman District Council processed the application for a permanent location.

Good luck with that….

This is how Tasman District Council works:

You lodge an application for which they have 10 working days to process.

After 10 working days, they write to you and say “We need more information on Paragraph 3 on Page 2″

You write back and – after a further 10 working days – they’ll write again with ” We need more information on Paragraph 4 on Page 2″

You think I’m kidding?

I have the scars to prove it….

They don’t go through the document in its entirety and provide you with a list of issues they want addressed.


They go for death by a thousand cuts

After a while, the trucking company decided they actually NEEDED their trailer for other jobs, so they chopped down a pine tree and stuck blocks under the house as temporary foundations.

I’m taking bets on how long it’s going to stay there,

3 months appears to be the current favourite….

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If life gives you tomatoes…..

…make tomato sauce.

If you have a garden full of heritage tomatoes, dry them in the oven and pack them with olive oil, basil and garlic slivers…

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Middle Earth

A highly appropriate comment, as evidenced by the photo below.

Very much a case of “Now you see it, now you don’t”.

“Clear cut” is exactly that – nonselective felling of trees.

Harvest the timber, leave all the debris to rot away.

Unless of course you get a deluge and all the detritus finds its way to the nearest waterway where it forms a temporary dam which – after collapsing – destroys a village.

That why Orcs like it….

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Their trucks are pretty dodgy, too…


(Very) basic infrastructure in the Moutere.

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Tinkling the ivories…


Not sure who donated the piano on Mapua wharf, but it attracts a wide range of ages and talents.

Between 4 and 8, ranging from a skillful rendition of “Chopsticks” to pounding at random.

The culturally disinterested eat icecream…

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A bit of a storm……

King tide combined with the remnants of Cyclone Fehi did a fair bit of damage last week.

Nothing serious around here – we’re 8 metres up on the bluff – but on the flat, the tide came in a good 12 metres further than normal.

And our neighbour Chris and Kym’s bench got bowled, too…

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I think we’ll have ratatouille…..

A mere subset of today’s haul from the vege patch.

Heritage tomatoes, heritage (“They look like courgettes to me” as Cousin Dave would say…) cocozelle zucchini and bog standard aubergine (that’s eggplant to you…)and pointy peppers.

Don’t know if roses are edible, but we’ve got a ****load of them too…..

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