Hang around here until almost Christmas, thus to partake of festive spirit and all that crap and what happens?!!

More to the point, what doesn’t happen?!

No festive precipitation, for a start (and I’m paying Ludger Schreiber an arm, a leg and a few other bits for doing absolutely nothing in the snow-clearing department ) and the snowdrops are peering up out of the ground.

Sod this for a game of soldiers.

I’m off,,,,

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Farewell then


Queen of the Top of the South

Home of dramatic skies


Even without 120 sodding millilitres in a day….

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End of the Golden Weather

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Jetty at Riwaka Harbour

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If only dogs could read….

On the westerly bit of Kina Beach.

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Stating the obvious?


You might think so, but the sign addresses the idiots who’d think nothing of slinging a line into the Salt Water pool (in the immediate foreground) at Port Motueka.

Otherwise, it’s a pretty long cast….

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The coffee at the Java Hut in Mapua..

…is ..er… OARsome

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