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She sells seashells…

…on the seashore. This is what the high tide mark looks like after a series of very low tides, blazing sun and flocks of wading birds and seagulls have finished with the mollusks in the estuary. Advertisements

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Maybe I’m amazed…

I don’t know what it is about the Waimea estuary. Some folk want to drive to Rough Island. Some folk pick up their kayaks and walk. This mob got confused by a combination of the ever-changing pattern of channels and … Continue reading

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Man overboard

Mapua wharf, any time of day.

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Chester’s got the right idea

Our dog neighbour Chester has the right idea. It’s close to 30 Celcius today and as humid as anything. Just moving gets you sweating. I think I’ll join Chester for a swim High tide’s at 15:48…

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We got 80mm overnight and  – from what our young neighbour Sam says, having observed the river going over the floodgates – the catchment area of the Waimea river appears to have got even more. Which all ends up in … Continue reading

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Shortcut to Rough Island……

Or: Fergie saves the day Or: Patrick the Good Samurai. (As Christine points out: AGAIN!!!!) I have NO IDEA what these folk were doing, lurking around on the edges of the Waimea Estuary just under the cottage with a rising … Continue reading

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Water rats

Patrick built a pontoon at the bottom of the road for our shared neighbours’ 2 kids the other day. Guess who got roped in to swimming out, clambering up on it and doing a divebomb yesterday Correct….

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