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Stating the obvious?

You might think so, but the sign addresses the idiots who’d think nothing of slinging a line into the Salt Water pool (in the immediate foreground) at Port Motueka. Otherwise, it’s a pretty long cast…. Advertisements

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…up the Motueka valley, there’s a one-lane bridge without signage. Or there’s signage without a one-lane bridge. Probably the former. This turned up on the sandspit at Motueka beach. Shame to leave it lying around….

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Kina Beach? Yeah, nah…

Kina Beach is a favourite 6km walk, enhanced by being a good source for kina (sea urchin) shells. Not this year. Found none. At all. They could possibly rename it Aporo Beach, a loan word in the Maori language for … Continue reading

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Munted (NZ slang) adj. refers to the property of an object (or person) as broken, ruined, significantly damaged, disfigured or deformed, often to the extent that it is not reversable or repairable. Moturoa/Rabbit Island is an 8km long barrier island, … Continue reading

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Can’t decide…

You choose. Not even Not Nelson. Pacific coastline south of Kaikoura. iPhone 7. Looking at the feather image, I sometimes ask myself why I bother hauling a Nikon D7000 around….

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She sells seashells…

…on the seashore. This is what the high tide mark looks like after a series of very low tides, blazing sun and flocks of wading birds and seagulls have finished with the mollusks in the estuary.

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Maybe I’m amazed…

I don’t know what it is about the Waimea estuary. Some folk want to drive to Rough Island. Some folk pick up their kayaks and walk. This mob got confused by a combination of the ever-changing pattern of channels and … Continue reading

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