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On the left….a teatowel.

On the right, the current (and hopefully) future New Zealand flag. (I would have preferred “First to the Light” aka Red Peak, but anyway…) Richmond Mall held a straw poll – drop a glass marble into the appropriate box. I … Continue reading

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Theme Day – March 2016- Heimat – A sense of belonging

Can you have 2 places where you feel you belong? I guess so. I got tapped for the March theme and I chose – there was a bit of pushback – “Heimat – a sense of belonging” I grew up … Continue reading

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I’ve seen some weird shit….

….but this REALLY takes the cake. Behind locked gates, just up the road fromthr  Chateau Rhubarbecafe (yes, seriously..)  in VERY rural Wakefield lie the headquarters of Haldeman LLC, registered in Nevada and NZ and owned by a Tony Katavich. Who … Continue reading

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Concert at the Golden Bear brewery on Friday night. More people than you could shake a stick out, heaps of out-of-towners. Take a character (who normally drinks at the slightly less salubrious “Swell” bar on Mapua wharf), give him a … Continue reading

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Bungoo in the jungoo

Or- Estuary English is alive and well in New Zealand. Technically, it’s the vocalization of preconsonantal/final /l/, perhaps with various vowel mergers before it. As in miwk-bottoo ‘milk-bottle’. Can’t get away from it – even the ger-oo on Radio New … Continue reading

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I do have a dog and a cat,though…

The Upper Moutere General Store noticeboard is a wonderful source of human interest stories.  

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… a childrens’ hospital in Auckland. Mrs Greig on Westdale Road has a roadside stand, selling cut flowers, native grasses and seedlings and herbs. Figs in season for $5 a bag. All the proceeds go to Starship And any excess … Continue reading

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