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“Do I get to keep it…?”

This is a cool story. Robin, Steve Fullmer‘s wife, mailed me saying that one of Steve’s older pots was for sale on Trade Me, New Zealand’s eBay. Put in a decent bid, got it, arrived today. It’s quite stunning. Steve … Continue reading

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Evechinus chloroticus better known as kina Found on Kina Beach, Tasman  

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My Sunday: Part 2

Robin Fullmer is not only a sweetie to the power of 10, she also bakes the best cinammon rolls known to mankind and sells them at the Tasman General Store. That hole in the middle? That’s mine. The biggest one….

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Ningen Kokuhō

The Japanese have a word (2 actually..) for it – Ningen Kokuhō: Preservers of Important Intangible Cultural Properties. I’m all for having New Zealand adopt the idea and I’m nominating Robin Fullmer in the category of Whitebait Fritter Making. Who yet … Continue reading

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They also serve….

……who only stand and wait. Surfcasting doesn’t appear to be a particularly profitable pastime at the moment….

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On being off-side.

Definition: A rule in a number of field team sports designed to help ensure players move together as a tea. (I don’t think it applies to American football, a game in which large people in Spandex mill around, embracing and … Continue reading

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The Adirondack interview

John Hurley was a tobacco farmer, mayor of Tasman for 3 terms, he collects and restores old cars and makes Adirondack chairs in his spare time. We bought 2 for the cottage in March and drove over to Wakefield to … Continue reading

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