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Well, well, well…

Good thing they changed it. Otherwise you might have thought they’re all er, bores…… Not this one, for sure… AND. There’s a 4 Star garden, too Advertisements

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Lead, kindly light…..

For someone who’s not really into Christmas crap, I find these quite tasteful.. Also cheap. Oh. They weren’t cheap? No surprises there…

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Hanging out with Santa

Young friend Yin pointed me in the direction of the Central Embassy mall, built on the grounds of the old British Embassy on Wireless Rd. Pretty flash joint with Pucci and Grada or whatever they’re called, but not a patch … Continue reading

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Moving house….

Literally. This Art Deco villa used to live in Nelson. As the Nelson Mail writes in its usual illiterate manner: “The 1940s art deco house on Nelson’s Shelbourne St near Nelson cathedral, has been cut in half, ready to make … Continue reading

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On the left….a teatowel.

On the right, the current (and hopefully) future New Zealand flag. (I would have preferred “First to the Light” aka Red Peak, but anyway…) Richmond Mall held a straw poll – drop a glass marble into the appropriate box. I … Continue reading

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Bungoo in the jungoo

Or- Estuary English is alive and well in New Zealand. Technically, it’s the vocalization of preconsonantal/final /l/, perhaps with various vowel mergers before it. As in miwk-bottoo ‘milk-bottle’. Can’t get away from it – even the ger-oo on Radio New … Continue reading

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This does Front up at the Impact church on Halifax Street and you’re automatically promoted to minister? And at some stage, you get to become coordinators?  

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