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Man overboard

Mapua wharf, any time of day. Advertisements

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Waiting for the next king tide…

It’s a known fact that the Wakatu Square car park, slap bang in the middle of Nelson is built on the site of a tidal estuary, the Nelson Photo News documented flooding as far back as the 1960s and the … Continue reading

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We got 80mm overnight and  – from what our young neighbour Sam says, having observed the river going over the floodgates – the catchment area of the Waimea river appears to have got even more. Which all ends up in … Continue reading

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Shortcut to Rough Island……

Or: Fergie saves the day Or: Patrick the Good Samurai. (As Christine points out: AGAIN!!!!) I have NO IDEA what these folk were doing, lurking around on the edges of the Waimea Estuary just under the cottage with a rising … Continue reading

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Ashes to ashes….

…rust to rust. 6 years later, the Janie Seddon isn’t looking much better, poor old girl. The local Community Board wants her moved “because of safety and environmental concerns”. Would anyone in their right minds want to climb on her … Continue reading

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Water rats

Patrick built a pontoon at the bottom of the road for our shared neighbours’ 2 kids the other day. Guess who got roped in to swimming out, clambering up on it and doing a divebomb yesterday Correct….

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As good as…..

…old. Patrick’s had Lily, 1900-ish fishing boat, up on the hard by the Hoddy Road Pier (left) for a week or so, replacing some rot (a lot..) and stripping off paint. And replacing it very rapidly. I have it on … Continue reading

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