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Stuff like this …..

…puts what little brain I have left into reverse. Bloody hell. Richmond Mall. PS The Nelson Santa Parade this year featured a Maori Santa, causing quite a commotion. Littlies expecting a chubby white dude with a beard got a chappy … Continue reading

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Smoke-free zone

Answerphone message: “Thank you for calling New Zealand. The country is now closed until mid-January. Please call back later” An old joke , sure, but there’s an element of truth in it. The country really does close down for 3 … Continue reading

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Constance? No, this is Emily, still baristeuse par excellence at Alberta’s on Mapua wharf. Things change pretty quickly around here – the restaurant that you really rated last year now has a different name, new owners and might even be … Continue reading

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On the left….a teatowel.

On the right, the current (and hopefully) future New Zealand flag. (I would have preferred “First to the Light” aka Red Peak, but anyway…) Richmond Mall held a straw poll – drop a glass marble into the appropriate box. I … Continue reading

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The Todds

Back behind he speedway track at the bottom end of Lower Queen Street  was one of Richmond’s best-kept secrets. People would say “If you want really good veges, go and see the Todds” Couple of older guys who used to … Continue reading

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Nothing says Christmas – reloaded

  …like the sign at Guyton Fisheries in Richmond. Oh. and they won’t have much fish, because the crews are all on holiday too….

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I might be slim…..

… but I’m not THAT skinny…..

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