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I pie, with my little eye……

…something beginning with “P”. The Pie Hole is an incipient chain of 2 stores in LA and Pasadena, focusing on New Zealand’s culinary icon. The pie. In Pasadena, they’re right next door to the-once-wonderful-but-now-unfortunately-very-naff-in-an- idon’tgiveashit -way Intelligentsia Coffee and what … Continue reading

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Fractally speaking….

It’s not as if we accidentally bumped into each other way back when (2011, actually) As far as I recall (and that’s getting more a challenge every day..), we took a look at each other from afar via our CDP … Continue reading

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Beer. Beach.

Can’t beat it. Deep Creek Brewery, Browns Bay. This instant.

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Can’t get away from it….

Today is Rosenmontag in the Fatherland, so I feel obliged to fly the flag, as it were. Tradition demands that one dresses inappropriately and engages in bacchanalian excesses. I think I’ll wear a suit and head down to the Golden … Continue reading

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With a bit of luck…..

…might be seeing Angelina tomorrow

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Here we come..

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