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For the capital of a Buddhist nation…

Bangkok really does some shit-hot Chrissie decorations. (No wonder it’s so hot here, what with all those light bulbs…) Advertisements

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Hang around here until almost Christmas, thus to partake of festive spirit and all that crap and what happens?!! More to the point, what doesn’t happen?! No festive precipitation, for a start (and I’m paying Ludger Schreiber an arm, a … Continue reading

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Can’t decide…

You choose. Not even Not Nelson. Pacific coastline south of Kaikoura. iPhone 7. Looking at the feather image, I sometimes ask myself why I bother hauling a Nikon D7000 around….

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I might have left this too late….

A tad slack in writing this post in a timely manner and if I don’t get my skates on, I might be an Honorary Uncle before the pixels hit the ether…. Andrew van Leeuwen and I go back quite a … Continue reading

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I have indeed been referred to thus. Frequently. But I don’t mind the comparison with these exquisite culinary objects – mussel pies from the capital of the Green-shell Mussel universe, Havelock, on the road to Blenheim Pop them in the … Continue reading

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“Gentleman, start your engines…”

That’s more  Indie 500  than Le Mans, but there they wave the flag, the drivers (used to) run across the track, jump into their cars, crank them up and head off for a  24 hour jaunt around the track.. At … Continue reading

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…back in Mainz, it’s snowing. Guest photog: Andreas Los

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