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Looking over strange terrain

That acronyms into LOST. Which I wasn’t, but it’s nowhere I’ve been on a bike before. This was Woodstock, about 25km in and just before the climb over the Neudorf saddle at around 230m Calves were a bit achy next … Continue reading

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Had to happen….

We’re in the middle of a drought. The last significant rain was way back in early December – the 2mm on Christmas Day and 6mm mid-January just evaporated – and the combination of high temperatures and howling souwesterlies has sucked … Continue reading

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What we did on our holidays

Back in the day, that used to be the first composition in your first week back at school. On OUR holidays, we proofread theses for Master degrees. 2 years ago, it was a philosophy paper for Young Friend Marius. (Now, … Continue reading

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Monthly Theme Day – February 2019 – White

  The kōtuku or white heron is a member of the Ardeidae family and sometimes considered a sub-species of the great egret Ardea alba. We have Hamish. Hamish was an almost permanent resident of Port Mapua  from the late 1980s … Continue reading

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“The sea’s that way…..”

Last minute instructions to newbies at Marahau. They headed off quite nervously. Didn’t see them come back…..

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The bees’ knees

Neighbours Christine and Kym put their heads (and wallets…) together and invested in a beehive from Hire a Hive here in Nelson $300 a year. For that, you get 15kg of pure honey, your garden and orchard pollinated and a … Continue reading

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Net result = Zero

Disappointment on Rabbit Island. Unless you’re fishing for seaweed. Or 3 crabs…

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