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Last seen drifting towards Sydney….

Wharf-jumping at Mapua has cult status around here, but I’ve never seen anything like this – non-synchronised group jumping. Eavesdropped on the instructions prior to the event – everyone jumps, everyone has a number, jump when your number’s called, there’s … Continue reading

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  The guy up the road had the mower in the other day. Massive thing, about 10 metres width, and he was finished in a flash. Whether he was playing the Good Samurai, filling in time or didn’t know what … Continue reading

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All at sea

Take : One 90 year old, somewhat decrepit fishing boat by the name of “Lily” Three fishermen A high tide of 4.7 metres The first rainy day in weeks. Headed out first to 5m below the keel. Nothing. 10 metres … Continue reading

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Well, I’ll be blowed…

If it’s not enough that you’re constantly dodging killer rabbits, you’re at risk of getting flattened by boy racers in their Blokarts…..

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Go fly a kite

Rabbit Island, off-shore wind.

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One, two, three…..

…GO! I hope you’re all suitably impressed at my speed in getting to the edge of the wharf for the second snap…

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Gave up….

…waiting for some snow in the northern hemisphere, so I thought I come down here for a look around. Nothing here either, apart from sun, sea and sand. So don’t forget the Slip! Slop! Slap!

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