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“Through the hole in the hedge…”

Sounds suspiciously like “Alice in Wonderland” and the rabbit hole business, but people have been known to reappear through it at Berrylands on the Appleby Highway. But the REAL reason to go there is for their real fruit ice-creams. The … Continue reading

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What???! No beetroot???!!!

Hamish’s cafe on Mapua wharf is now serving burgers. They charge an extra dollar for beetroot. That’s because Tracey, the owner, is a Pom. You would have thought that by now she’d know that beetroot is a core component of … Continue reading

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Brought a gingerbread house down from Germany for our new neighbours’ 2 kids. Fine example of teamwork in action. Mum wrote “Doesn’t look exactly like the illustration on the packet, but it’s pretty close…”

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Four-and-twenty blackbirds…..

You can bake them in a pie if you want. I’m happy enough to ping them off with the .22… There’s a rather good book y Bill Alexander that strikes an instant chord with me: The $64 Tomato: How one … Continue reading

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I actually prefer mine…..

….with hollandaise sauce, but I guess there’s no accounting for taste. And it’s not as if it was premium horse poo, even. $2 is pretty much the going rate….

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I have indeed been referred to thus. Frequently. But I don’t mind the comparison with these exquisite culinary objects – mussel pies from the capital of the Green-shell Mussel universe, Havelock, on the road to Blenheim Pop them in the … Continue reading

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Local heros

None of that anonymous/faceless/generic corporate stuff on the menu at the Red Gallery cafe. Pretty much everything tells you where it’s from and who made it. All local Which is how it should be….

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