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X marks the spot…

The Met Service tells us that we’re experiencing ” a period of highly impactful severe weather” Ex-cyclone Gita. 140 km/h winds. Heaps of rain. Now, where did that roof go….? Advertisements

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Making tracks….

In more senses than one…. We’ve had 80ml of rain just this week and close to 250ml so far this month. To say it’s a tad soggy underfoot wouldn’t be an exaggeration. The cases of trench-foot in the region are … Continue reading

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“Have yourself……..

a very Maori …Merry Christmas. Cute tree decorations sourced by family members from Red Gallery in Nelson. Looks more like a lynching to me….

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“Gentleman, start your engines…”

That’s more  Indie 500  than Le Mans, but there they wave the flag, the drivers (used to) run across the track, jump into their cars, crank them up and head off for a  24 hour jaunt around the track.. At … Continue reading

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Nothing says “Christmas”…

…like the pohutukawa blossom.

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A gig

My alma mater, Westlake Boys High School in Auckland, roped me into speaking at the 2015 Graduation Dinner the other day. 550 or so folks (about the total roll of the school when I was there – it’s now 2400…) … Continue reading

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Three men and a tree

100 year old radiata pine, as ugly as sin, about 30 metres tall and weighing in at around 20 tonnes. Ricky, Rhett and Patrick  got a steel hawser around it at about 10 metres up, hitched it to a dead … Continue reading

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