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Breakfast of Champions

They say “Don’t give Speights to yer mates” and Tui’s only redeeming feature is their iconic advertising…… No accounting for taste…. Advertisements

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Founding Fathers

Founders’ fathers, actually. Founders Organic Brewery is currently run by John Duncan and his sons, Callum and Matt. Started by Great-great-great-great-great-great granddad in 1854. Reason enough to put in on your label….

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Monthly Theme Day – February 2016 – Scene from a coffee house

we’re spoilt for choice here in NotNelson. Or New Zealand, for that matter. It’s difficult to get a bad coffee anywhere (except at the Pelorus Bridge café on the way to Blenheim, but that’s run by a Government department, so … Continue reading

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Moutere Inn

The oldest pub in New Zealand still operating. Coolness epitomised.

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Must have been a volunteer fireman…

Why else would you leave the best part of a pint standing? It’s expensive enough at the Golden Bear as it is….

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Decisions, decisions…

Significant selection at the Golden Bear Brewery, Mapua wharf.  Might as well hand in my driver license straight away….

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 Grow a bushy beard, get some tats and you’re good to go

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