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The Eastern @ The Mapua Community Hall

The Eastern is close to being my favourite band (that would be Little Feat, btw) and when they come to Nelson, nothing will keep me away. Last week, they did a charity gig for the Mapua Community Hall. Crap acoustics, … Continue reading

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Who says…

…that independent bookshops are are a dying breed? Page and Blackmore in Nelson

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Concert at the Golden Bear brewery on Friday night. More people than you could shake a stick out, heaps of out-of-towners. Take a character (who normally drinks at the slightly less salubrious “Swell” bar on Mapua wharf), give him a … Continue reading

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Bungoo in the jungoo

Or- Estuary English is alive and well in New Zealand. Technically, it’s the vocalization of preconsonantal/final /l/, perhaps with various vowel mergers before it. As in miwk-bottoo ‘milk-bottle’. Can’t get away from it – even the ger-oo on Radio New … Continue reading

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It must be Christmas

Lilium longiflorum The Christmas Lily. Actually, the Easter Lily in its Japanese homeland. Not that I knew that they celebrate Easter there…  

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Phormium tenax. or harakeke After Māori arrived in New Zealand, from around 1250, they discovered the useful properties of flax. The nectar from its flowers made a sweet drink. The roots could be crushed to make poultices for skin infections, … Continue reading

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Monthly Theme Day – April 2015 – My camera-shy self-portrait

Call me boring, call my wardrobe monotonous, but it sure as heck saves time in the mornings…… My washing line’s been mistaken on occasion for an Islamic State mobile field laundry. That’s a worry… By the time you read this, … Continue reading

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