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Hanging out with Santa

Young friend Yin pointed me in the direction of the Central Embassy mall, built on the grounds of the old British Embassy on Wireless Rd. Pretty flash joint with Pucci and Grada or whatever they’re called, but not a patch … Continue reading

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For the capital of a Buddhist nation…

Bangkok really does some shit-hot Chrissie decorations. (No wonder it’s so hot here, what with all those light bulbs…)

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“Which flight are you on, then…?”

Silly question. The right question is “When are you going to the airport?” If you’ve worked in the aviation industry, you might get rebated travel as one of the perks. But you only get to fly if there are fewer … Continue reading

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Then again….

Some things are definitely worth hanging around for. Potato fritters with apple sauce. Christmas market in Mainz €4 for 3

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Can’t decide…

You choose. Not even Not Nelson. Pacific coastline south of Kaikoura. iPhone 7. Looking at the feather image, I sometimes ask myself why I bother hauling a Nikon D7000 around….

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On a clear day….

…you can see forever. On a crap day, you can’t see further than your nose….. Hawkes Lookout on the Takaka “It’s only a hill – get over it” Hill on the way to Golden Bay

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What???! No beetroot???!!!

Hamish’s cafe on Mapua wharf is now serving burgers. They charge an extra dollar for beetroot. That’s because Tracey, the owner, is a Pom. You would have thought that by now she’d know that beetroot is a core component of … Continue reading

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