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“Gentleman, start your engines…”

That’s more  Indie 500  than Le Mans, but there they wave the flag, the drivers (used to) run across the track, jump into their cars, crank them up and head off for a  24 hour jaunt around the track.. At … Continue reading

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Low tide

Take off to the west, reverse track over Rabbit Island to bring us back parallel to the coastline and over the exposed seabed. Sunday morning flight to Auckland

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A gig

My alma mater, Westlake Boys High School in Auckland, roped me into speaking at the 2015 Graduation Dinner the other day. 550 or so folks (about the total roll of the school when I was there – it’s now 2400…) … Continue reading

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Our absence appears to have been noted…

Mainz’s crappy weather – 150km/h hurricane force winds, hail and temperatures around 12°C – brightened up by an act of Unrandom Kindness from star journalist neighbours Birgit and JW. How nice.

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A Day Out

Yesterday I was reminded in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS of my commitment to take Ms NTNDP on a DAY OUT once a week and not work in the BLOODY GARDEN all the time. Off we went to Lake Rotoiti in the … Continue reading

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How Bro Paul got me thrown out of the Auckland Art Gallery

In Auckland last weekend and we rocked on over to the Light Show at the Auckland Art Gallery, having been highly recommended by Paul of Aucklad West fame. It did say “No Photography”, but I figured that if Paul could … Continue reading

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Best person to drink beer with.

One of the best things about Auckland (apart from rthe regional departure lounge – I’ve determined I’m no longer a Big City Person….) is meeting up with Paul of Auckland-West. fame. We see each other once, maybe twice a year, … Continue reading

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