Freedom campers. The nice kind.


People turn up at Port Hoddy all the time, park up, sometimes leave a mess (poo and toilet paper in the bushes) and bugger off next day.

(Some idiots parked up on the front lawn once. The grass needed an urgent visitation from the tractor mower very early that morning….)

The couple the other night were different.

Called across the paddock to ask if it was OK to stay (now THAT makes a change), so I strolled across for a chinwag.

They’re French from Toulouse, doing a 5 month world tour and just here for the night.

Told them about the fire hazard and pas de pooing dans la garrigue (they’re self contained), had an enjoyable chat and gave them some chilies, tarragon and lemon grass for the mussels they’d bought in Havelock and were planning to cook up for a feed.

(Didn’t want any aubergines, more’s the pity)

But they can come back anytime they like.

PS They – Fréderic et Marriannick – left a note in the mailbox next day, thanking us for the herbs. How nice.

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1 Response to Freedom campers. The nice kind.

  1. Hello John and Ali
    It was so pleasant to read your comments !
    We are so happy to meet you and to visite your nice place.
    Now we are in Cusco and unfortunately we finish our road trip around the world !
    It was a very nice expérience and we met a lot of kind people.
    Mariannick and Frédéric your neighbour for a night

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