World famous in Nelson


Appleby Farms says that they make “Cow to cone” ice cream.

True that.

The milk in their ice cream comes from two family owned Nelson farms. It heads straight from the milking shed to their own creamery 15 minutes down the road.

A2 milk, which some people (especially the A2 Milk Company people…) claim to be better for you than A1 and has benefits for folk with lactose intolerance.


They started selling their ice cream from a kiosk at Nelson airport – “they” being one of the farmers – and it took off in a big way.

Air New Zealand got them into their Premium Lounge in Auckland and now they’re in good supermarkets all around the country.

Flavours like Bad Boys and Berries (boysenberries from just down the road) and Double shot Ipanema with coffee from Dan and Emma at Sublime Roasters

But there’s one flavour you can only get in one place and that’s hokey pokey.

Which you can only buy at Hamish‘s at Port Mapua.

Lucky us…



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