That time of year…..

It’s not that people aren’t generous for the rest of the year – they are, to a fault: witness the thousands of dollars worth of hay being donated from around the country to farmers affected by the big fire here –  – but at this time of year, you’ll hear a hint of desperation in their voices.

“We’ve got HEAPS of plums/apples/tomatoes/zucchini (especially zucchini.). Are you SURE you don’t want some?”

Our overproduction is currently limited to spinach and Swiss chard (looks like silver-beet in Technicolor, Sam from across the road accused his mum of feeding him rhubarb leaves…) and we’ve got a couple of grateful recipients.

Until they hit peak spinach and don’t answer text messages…

Klaus and Julia Fetscher of Alberta’s at Port Mapua don’t have that problem.

Just pile the stuff on the counter and watch it disappear.

Refill as necessary….

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