“I visited New Zealand…..

…but it was closed” wrote (I think) J. B. Priestly in the 1960s.

He’d be impressed by Whanganui, even these days.

The best cafe in town opens 2 days a week, one of the 2 fish restaurants is closed for most of the month because “Sorry, chef is out for fishing” and most of the interesting artisans and galleries do a Thursday-to-Sunday stint.

But Rick Rudd, a highly acclaimed ceramicist who has converted a small apartment block into Quartz, a ceramics museum of New Zealand studio pottery, opened up for us, as did Emma Camden, glass artist and owner of the Tree gallery.

But Whanganui is a definite Good Place for a visit, especially if you like eggs.

Fish and chips? You get 2 fried eggs.

Crumbed oysters? 2 fried eggs.

Fish burger? Filet of tarakihi, a slice of cheese, beetroot (well, yeah, it is New Zealand..).

And an egg…

“I think the chef’s wife works for a poultry farm” said the waitress…..

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