No, I’m *not* a Jafa….

When you’re out in the provinces on the Proverbial Road Trip (Manawatu, FEIlding’s the most beautiful town in NZ, despite having produced some dodgy characters…), folks recognise an out-of-towner in a flash.

We’re good in Nelson – only 40,000 people, so we know everyone – , but when you have coffee at the excellent Recaffeinate in Whanganui, they out you straight away with a couple of Jaffas with your flat white.

(Wearing a Waitemata Woodies t-shirt doesn’t help…)

Locals apocryphally get a chocolate fish….

* Jaffa: chocolate-covered orange sweet, used by past generations for throwing at movie cinema screens when the manager’s onstage to announce the lucky draw

JAFA: derogatory acronym used by anyone south of the Bombay hills for residents of the City of Sails

“Just Another F#%*ing Aucklander”

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