Had to happen….


We’re in the middle of a drought.

The last significant rain was way back in early December – the 2mm on Christmas Day and 6mm mid-January just evaporated – and the combination of high temperatures and howling souwesterlies has sucked any moisture out of the ground.

We’re limited to watering cans for the garden, horticulture uptake is limited to the extent that they’re talking job losses and forestry areas are closed.

So a spark somewhere behind Wakefield in Pigeon Valley set this off today and in no time it covered 120 780 2000 hectares.

170 235 People properties have been told to prepare to evacuate..

Houses have been lost.

State of emergency declared.

5km from here.

It’ll burn all week.

Prime Minister arrives on Thursday

Screenshot 2019-02-05 at 17.36.45

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