Can’t get away from them…..


The Red Gallery cafe on Bridge is a regular stop-off on the way to the Saturday Nelson market.

$12.50 gets you a small flat white, a short black (double espresso to the rest of the world) and a cheese and chili scone, unheated, butter on the side.

Connie (r)  has been there for ages, ever since she jumped ship from Lydia’s café in Richmond and sailed over to Nelson. and there’s a new bunch of nice kids, including this tall American girl, Luisa.

That’s what I thought, anyway.

She fronts up with the order last week – date scone and announced a long black (Americano to the rest of the world).

Except it was a short black.

I said jokingly , best if I order in German with Connie and she can translate.

“Oh, I speak German, too” she says.

Only comes from the same state in Germany that we live in.

Only lives in Neustadt ( in der Palz…), under an hour’s drive from our place in Germany, passing Kirchheimbolanden (from whence Connie hails) on the way.

This is all getting too much….

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