Monthly Theme Day – February 2019 – White



The kōtuku or white heron is a member of the Ardeidae family and sometimes considered a sub-species of the great egret Ardea alba.

We have Hamish.

Hamish was an almost permanent resident of Port Mapua  from the late 1980s (during the breed’s annual sojourn from their West Coast Okarito breeding ground) and last seen in 2010 in the process of decimating the population of a Brightwater goldfish pond. (His standard diet – apart from the estuary residents – appears to have been scrounged fish and chips and any sparrow that got in his way.)

Arthur Hawke, a local rural sculptor, gave him a permanent place on the pontoon.

Got into his supply of horseshoes, cold-straightened them and welded them in place.

As one does….

Legs of reo-bar, piece of pole for a beak.

Then there’s Hamish’s, the cafe originally run by Adele Calteaux and reincarnated by TraceyfromLeeds after a media-rich stoush with the ratbags at Tasman District Council.

(They lost the court case, had to pay $20k plus costs and promptly erected a spite fence to block access to the cafe. That didn’t last..)

And Hamish’s is the only place on the planet where you can buy Appleby Farms hokey-pokey ice cream.

Which is also white.

With little golden bits of pure delight…..

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