Well ..er..finnished…


Maria Julkunen has – by her own admission – been a designer/dressmaker/seamstress/fibre artist for the past 20 odd years and currently on the Nelson Saturday Market.

Studied at Kuopion Muotoiluakatemia – Kuopio Academy of Design (which is closer to Russia than it is to Helsinki…) and makes high class kit for well-heeled females.

Meg extols her virtues (and if *anyone* knows fabric, it’s Meg. Believe me.) so she must be pretty good.

I’m expecting to go into sticker-shock any day now.

Clothes look very well ..er.. finnished, though…

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2 Responses to Well ..er..finnished…

  1. Maria says:

    Thank you John for the shout out! I couldn’t resist spreading the joy at facebook.com/julkunensewingroom 😊

  2. MegWeaves says:

    Waiting, waiting, waiting for Mrs JB to model the well-finished piece.

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