Visitors from Outer Space

Our Elm Street neighbours Ms Birgit Gift and Mr JW Flower appear to be selling the cottage as a tourist destination.

How else to explain the appearance of fellow journalist at the local rag Sigi and film-maker Elmar Babst  from Mayence the other day?

They’re actually on the trail of their son Louis who’s taking a gap year after his UE/A-levels/Abitur and learning valuable life skills down here in Aotearoa.

Such as:

De-budding kiwifruit is a) hard work and b) boring as shit. AND that decent beer is horrendously expensive. As is rubbish beer.

Your mother will follow you to the end of the world. There’s no escape…

We ordered a high tide on the estuary, the sun came out , Schulczi‘s treats were as good as ever and a good time was had by all.

My mind – full of musical trivia and little else – went into overtime when I heard first heard her name (short for Sigrun/Sieglinde/Sigrid)  did a “whirr-buzz-clang-grind-ding-dong” and spat out….

“Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.”

Can’t help it.

Here’s David….

And here’s the lovely Mick Ronson, Bowie’s guitarist. Died of liver cancer 6 months after the filming.

So self-effacing.

So gentle.

So brilliant




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