Meri Kirihimete!


We have a tradition.

Two things:


Christmas Eve is the primary Christmas celebration in Germany.

Family gets together, big meal, open pressies, go to church


Ms NTNDP’s folks used to be dairy farmers.

Cattle need milking late in the day, which precludes being able to prepare the Big Evening Meal.

Apart from the fact that Dagmar’s probably plastered you with effluent as thanks for relieving the pressure on her udder…

So dinner on Christmas Eve was always something like cold cuts and salads.

We’ve kept up the tradition, no matter where we are.

Frankfurter sausages from one of the last manufacturers in the region, Ms NTNDP’s kick-ass potato salad and a hard-boiled organic egg from The Old Moutere Post Office.

On a Christine Boswijk plate.


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