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Nowhere to run……

…nowhere to hide. The froggy chappy from across the way got busy with the mower the other day. Gives me a clear shot at the bunnies. Didn’t finish it off, though. Knocked off at 5:30 on the dot 35 hour … Continue reading

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Or. I miss Siegfried. Siegried was our neighbour and good friend across the road for nigh on 40 years. We were once mistaken for father and son at the local supermarket. Pleased us both no end. He passed away in … Continue reading

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Visitors from Outer Space

Our Elm Street neighbours Ms Birgit Gift and Mr JW Flower appear to be selling the cottage as a tourist destination. How else to explain the appearance of fellow journalist at the local rag Sigi and film-maker Elmar Babst  from … Continue reading

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San Gimignano di Hoddy

There are some very dubious structures popping up on the ridge just up the road. Patrice, the local Gallic eccentric, reckons that they’re chimneys for fireplaces. FOUR of them? It doesn’t get THAT cold around here. I reckon that the … Continue reading

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“3 bucks a bite”….

said a guy at Neudorf Vineyards. “Tastes bloody good but, aye” True that. Boxing Day and Judy (mum) and Rosie Finn (daughter) give the staff a day off, man .. er.. person the tasting room, get Viva la Vaca in … Continue reading

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Playing real good…

…for free. Not quite sure who rolls out the piano every day on Mapua wharf – it’s either Alberta’s or the Jellyfish – but it’s a definite magnet for the marginally to rather talented during the holiday season. This young … Continue reading

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Meri Kirihimete!

We have a tradition. Two things: One. Christmas Eve is the primary Christmas celebration in Germany. Family gets together, big meal, open pressies, go to church Two. Ms NTNDP’s folks used to be dairy farmers. Cattle need milking late in … Continue reading

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