Sean Donald has been Knighted


Gig at the (extremely strange*) Playhouse Theatre, about 2 minutes down the track on Westdale Road from us here in Mapua on Friday night.

Now, until last week, I couldn’t have told Sean Donald from a cabbage, but anyone Flora Knight reckons is good to work with gets a big tick from me.

Flora used to play fiddle with The Eastern, one of my favourite bands,

and since then I’ve seen her in loose groupings like The Lonesome Pine Specials and mostly at the Moutere Inn.

She’s mega-cool, her fiddle-playing has become quite outstanding and it’s just fun bumping into her.

I’d review the set (played for a small bunch of people, most of whom I suspect were more chronologically gifted than me and I’m pushing hard at the biblical threescoreand mumble…), but  Roi Colbert of North & South Magazine does it excellently:

“A superb set from Sean Donald and Flora Knight. Fiddle and guitar, both singing. Close your eyes and it’s music from a crackling old American country and western radio show. “Does anyone here know Lefty Frizzell?” asks Knight. Frizzell would be three-and-a half-times Knight’s age if he were still alive.”

I like her heaps.

So call me a groupie….

* It’s REALLY strange. Sort of like a Hobbit cave with Xmas lights and a disco ball. No kidding

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  1. Thanks for the links of her music!

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