Moving house….


This Art Deco villa used to live in Nelson.

As the Nelson Mail writes in its usual illiterate manner:

“The 1940s art deco house on Nelson’s Shelbourne St near Nelson cathedral, has been cut in half, ready to make the road trip to it’s [sic] new home in Upper Moutere on Wednesday night.”

That was back in early January.

The idea was that it would live on the trailer for a couple of days while Tasman District Council processed the application for a permanent location.

Good luck with that….

This is how Tasman District Council works:

You lodge an application for which they have 10 working days to process.

After 10 working days, they write to you and say “We need more information on Paragraph 3 on Page 2″

You write back and – after a further 10 working days – they’ll write again with ” We need more information on Paragraph 4 on Page 2″

You think I’m kidding?

I have the scars to prove it….

They don’t go through the document in its entirety and provide you with a list of issues they want addressed.


They go for death by a thousand cuts

After a while, the trucking company decided they actually NEEDED their trailer for other jobs, so they chopped down a pine tree and stuck blocks under the house as temporary foundations.

I’m taking bets on how long it’s going to stay there,

3 months appears to be the current favourite….

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