Darryl Frost plays with fire

Darryl Frost has 2 kilns – the “fast one” (takes a mere 24 hours..) and the “slow one”.

The “slow one” burns for 10 days in the Japanese anagama tradition and delivers stunning outcomes, melted and scarred from the heat and with fly ash and volatile salts interacting to glaze the objects.

And yet this teabowl (now mine..) has a pure white – almost porcelain – interior surface.

No idea how he does it, but I seriously glad that he can..

He’s just relocated from Kina to Harley Road.

Go visit

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2 Responses to Darryl Frost plays with fire

  1. Kate Mura says:

    I have often wondered if you have actively engaged in producing pottery yourself in addition to being a collector?

  2. Excellent portrait shots!

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