2 degrees of separation

Sharon Maxwell and Fabian Prioux run Abbey Road Burgers, Bar and Cafe on the Appleby Highway on a site previously occupied by the Abbey Restaurant and before that a small church.

They’re both new to the business, but it doesn’t show a bit – really interesting menu, super nice people and funky decor.

Here’s their story

Fabian has really interesting history.

In an earlier life, he was a professional photographer at the Cannes Film Festival, among others.

We got talking and I mentioned that back in the day he’d have photographed some Hollywood folk I know and we both said what a small world it is.

Relayed the encounter to Sherry (I worked on her biography, researching her mother’s early life in Mainz for Stephen Galloway, the author – that’s the connection) and she wrote back with “Six degrees of separation“.

In New Zealand, it’s just 2.

These posts explain it quite well:

2 degrees of separation – #1649

Rage, rage against the dying of the light

As does the fact that 2 people I went to school with (Richard Prebble and Bill Ralston) both had articles in the “Listener” this week…

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  1. A good portrait shot!

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