Paying forward

The Java Hut on Aranui Road in Mapua and run by Paul and Manu is Old School Mapua.

No tourists – it’s a tiny shackish hut on the side of the road before any shops, most of the seatings outside on deck chairs and beanbags, there’s a shared table inside where the knitting club holds meetings and purl and drop to their hearts’ content and their cakes and treats are home-made and look authentic.

(A bit different to Tasman District Council’s idea of what retail should look like ( and of course they’re experts at that, right..?) and what they’ve produced at what used to a funky wharf precinct and is now like Brighton bloody Pier where you’re no longer allowed to launch boats…)

And the Java Hut has a “Buy your friend a coffee” blackboard.

Living Design’s (carpenters and kitchen designers) doing well with 7 ( and so they should, because they’re the nicest bunch of people) and Anne & Bob (Cam and Maria’s regular guests at the cottage ) have 2 waiting for them when they arrive soon.

Cool as.

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  1. Quite a clutter of names!

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