I think these sculptures are by Jane Downes – they’re very similar to ones we saw at Headland Sculpture on the Gulf on Waiheke in 2015.

Get to see these walking around the inlet foreshore track kindly provided by our neighbourly landowner.

Plus a replica of our cottage as an equestrian tack shed. (The farm manager came over during the build to confirm that our roof colour is Mist Green. It is)

Now, “dandelion” is one of those words that drifts linguistically back and forwards across the German- French border.

In German, it’s “Löwenzahn” – lion’s tooth – from the shape of the leaf.

In French, it’s dent de lion – lion’s tooth – which drifted into English at some stage. (Read Bill Bryson’s “The Mother Tongue” – he’ll surely have an explanation)

The French also call it pis en lit – piss in the bed – for its diuretic properties.

So there you just do go….

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