Shortcut to Rough Island……

Or: Fergie saves the day

Or: Patrick the Good Samurai.

(As Christine points out: AGAIN!!!!)

I have NO IDEA what these folk were doing, lurking around on the edges of the Waimea Estuary just under the cottage with a rising tide, but I can tell you from personal experience, the mud is like a magnet.

After watching them faffing around for 10 minutes with bits of driftwood (!) and then retreating to the car to keep out of the rain, I called Patrick, warning him of the impending appearance of a bedraggled amorphous muddy object, pleading for help.

“I’d better go and have a LOOK then, John” he said.

5 minutes later, Fergie trundles down the track, armed with chains and still adorned with the hay mower and shortly after, one hears Patrick’s “Let’s give it a GO, then….”

Sucking noise, Fergie chugg-chuggs up onto the hard, followed by a RAV 4 that was very close to having scrap value.

The tide was maybe 3 metres short.

Very chastened vehicle just crept up the road.

Don’t think they’ll be back in a hurry….

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3 Responses to Shortcut to Rough Island……

  1. MegWeaves says:

    They don’t know how lucky they were.

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