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The Riverside Community on the Moutere Highway  is one of the oldest Intentional Communities n New Zealand and has its beginnings in 1941 when a group of Christian Pacifists agreed to adopt a way of life based on co-operation.

Starting with 30 hectares donated by a member, it has expanded to over 200 hectares, most dairy. Income is shared and distributed depending on family size rather than occupation.

Riverside assets are owned by a Trust and there is no private ownership of houses or cars. The community’s general fund helps to meet basic needs such as health care, dental care, electricity and phone while other needs are subsidised like education and travel costs. Community families live in self-contained homes and children attend local schools or choose to home educate.

They run an excellent and extremely reasonably priced cafe and rent out their hall.

Which is how Ms NTNDP discovered it through her yoga classes.

She reckons its awesommmmmm…..

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