Four-and-twenty blackbirds…..

You can bake them in a pie if you want. I’m happy enough to ping them off with the .22…

There’s a rather good book y Bill Alexander that strikes an instant chord with me:

The $64 Tomato: How one man nearly lost his sanity, spent a fortune and endured an existential crisis in his quest for the perfect garden.

He – like me – started from scratch and experienced trials and tribulations of deer, ground hogs, squirrels, moles and weeds and then – just for fun – did a cost-benefit analysis, adding all the costs and amortising it over the life of his garden.

A tomato ended up costing $64.

I wouldn’t be far behind that.

The bill just went up by $43 today – 10 metres of rigid plastic netting to stop the blackbirds from destroying the tomato crop.

As soon as they start turning red, they’re in like Flynn and hollow them out completely.

As the lady at Mitre 10 said: You can buy a truckload (she actually said something else…) of tomatoes for $43….

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