Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae


Aka the Tui –  the best bird in the world.

Iridescent green with a white tuft of feathers at its throat, with a song to die for


And they’re FAST.

The ones around the cottage move between the manuka (where they do acrobatics to catch wasps and bees) and the flax around the water tank (to feed off the nectar) and then they’re OFF over the paddock to Christine and Patrick’s for some more flax nectar.

They WHIRR past you  – compact and muscular – like a fast jet flying through the Mach Loop low flying area in Wales.

So for me, Dean Raybould’s take on the bird at Leonie Allen’s excellent Parker Gallery in Nelson is close to perfect.

Squadron markings, the kowhai and flax rondels.

Spot on.

Shame that the beer that bears the name is so shit, though…

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1 Response to Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae

  1. Kate Mura says:

    Yes, Parker Gallery is very cool. Love both videos. Will come back to them some more, especially the video of the birds with feathers. Wonder if the photographers got decent shots of the other bird?

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