January Theme Day – Photo of the year

The wetlands below our cottage – visible on the horizon – aren’t very “wet” at the moment. In fact, they’re as dry as a bone.

This is why:

And you can extend the dry spell back to 12 November when we had the last significant precipitation – all of 4mm…

Last week topped up the roof water tank a bit – it holds 4.4 cubic meters and gives us 50-ish days at 8 watering cans a day for the vege patch.

Don’t want to stuff up anyone’s camping holiday, but a week of steady downpour would not be unwelcome.

Even if I then did have to mow the lawn desert…..

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2 Responses to January Theme Day – Photo of the year

  1. Jim says:

    Sensational photo. Happy New Year.

  2. Kate Mura says:

    Jim is correct; it is an outstanding photo. Sorry about the “drought” —Hope that a little rain soon arrives! May you enjoy good health and much happiness in 2018. Happy New Year!

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