Unjuvenile delinquents

New Zealand’s a funny place.

Binge-drinking culture which the lawmakers try to counter by declaring everywhere that’s not a licensed premise a no-alcohol zone.

Which means that you can’t sit on the foreshore of the Mapua inlet, enjoying a glass of wine or a beer along with your fish and chips from the Smokehouse unless you’re willing to break the law.

Which we duly did.

Would have been quite miffed if the handcuffs had clicked for this sub-standard brew. (The$2.50 price-point should have been a giveaway…..)

But what a classy glass plastic, eh?

Folds flat.

A gift from my young friend Lena, a judge in one of Germany’s lower court, but – at 30 – destined for greater things.

Good thing she’s not active down here.

The death penalty, for sure…..

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1 Response to Unjuvenile delinquents

  1. Not so different here- you can’t walk down the street drinking from a bottle of beer, you can’t take a drink beyond a certain point, things like that.

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