No, this is Emily, still baristeuse par excellence at Alberta’s on Mapua wharf.

Things change pretty quickly around here – the restaurant that you really rated last year now has a different name, new owners and might even be a bakery. Or a petrol station.

Ali and Stephen who started Alberta’s a couple of years back have moved on to a) having a life and b) operating Rabbit Island Coffee roasters from the store next door.

But Emily’s still there, making the only flat whites that you can really trust around here and being just…..nice.

Only works weekends these days – spends her weekdays teaching pre-schoolers in Richmond.

So what if they grow up speaking Australian-ese?

Big deal.

I can live with that.

The values that they’ll get from Emily balance out that minor shortcoming heaps….

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1 Response to Constants.

  1. Kate Mura says:

    After working with preschoolers all week I am amazed that she has enough energy to work on the week-ends. Brava for energetic Emma.

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