The Mapua…

A not-quite-impromptu concert at Mapua wharf the other Sunday, featuring wall-to-wall ukuleles from as far away as Motueka and as local as these yummy mummies who met on the school run to Mapua School and spontaneously combusted decided to form a ukulele band.

So goes the story, anyway, as related by Ms NTNDP’s yoga instructor, Elaine. (Bird with the cap)

The preceding bands were pretty tame (think: “Michael rowed the boat ashore”…), but this lot were good.

All pretty easy on the eye (or “a positive visual amenity” in Tasman District Council-ese), they kicked off with “Ho Hey” from the Lumineers and finished off with “Wagon wheel”, belting it out as if they really meant it.

Good strong voices, too

Probably comes from yelling at the kids…..

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1 Response to The Mapua…

  1. Kate Mura says:

    You always are able to make me smile or laugh… The Mother. . . what?!

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