Speaks Volumes

Nelson was down to one indie bookstore (the excellent Page & Blackmore) until Stella Chrysostomos and Thomas Koed opened (the excellenter) “Volume” (in a building which used to house a radio station – book aka volume = something you turn up on a radio…geddit?) about a year ago.

Small space, fairly sparsely stocked when we last saw it, packed now and everything they have is interesting or beautiful or good and mostly all 3.

And they’re so knowledgeable and cool – been in the trade for years and it simply shows.

One of their customers/friends designs posters for them.

The temptation was too great……

Thomas insisted on reading the same book (“the next shelf down, right a bit, further, that’s it…”) but I thought that Stella could have zipped home and changed for the occasion……

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2 Responses to Speaks Volumes

  1. Kate Mura says:

    Great bookstores need volumes of customers; hope that they are successful.

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