In 1972, Lufthansa was the first airline to introduce the 747 freighter, flying initially between Frankfurt and New York.

Great excitement, but where do you load it?

They built a high-lift platform at the arse-end of the airport (where cargo always lives).

But how do we prevent the aircraft from hitting the platform, because it’s out of the crew’s field of vision?

The engineers had the idea of a series of hugely expensive pressure plates, hooked up to a row of lights.

Last light goes on, STOP.

One of the ops agents had a better idea.

“Why don’t we just stretch some string across between the highlift supports, drill two holes in a tennis ball and put it so that when it touches the cockpit screen divider, they stop?”

He got a big chunk of money from the improvement suggestions program.

I use a golf ball suspended fro the roof of the garage….

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