Macdahnahlds or Burrrgerkaying?

Overheard a couple of colonial cousin behemoths in the Marriott Courtyard lift…elevator*… the other evening discussing culinary adventures in Bangkok

“Wanna go tuh McDahnahlds or Burrrgerkaying?”

Considered (for about a millisecond…) suggesting Baan Somtum, a recommendation from our young friend Yin, but thought better of it.

Don’t know how much a couple of Whahpperrrs and fraahs would set them back**, but all this runs at about 600 Baht.

Under 20 bucks.

For 3 people.

Mind you, you’ll be on your own among locals.

And they serve beer.

Things could get out of hand…..

*Q. What do you call an elevator full of intelligent, slim, softly spoken people?
A. A lift.

** Just checked it out at the  Paragon Food Court – dead on 600 Baht…

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