Not for the faint of heart….

My mate Bob Strodel (ex-Etihad CEO, mad as a box of frogs, we met as mere children at Heathrow in 1970…) and I used to refer to us as “10% jet-setters”.

Work in the aviation industry, get paid a pittance, but get cheap flights.


My friend Prof (married to Ms Prof with whom I worked for a while back in the day) doesn’t much care for this standby business.

Which involves:

Fronting up at the airport, not knowing if you’ll get on the flight, hanging around until 15 minutes before departure and then taking whichever seats don’t have bums on them.

Or going home. Or finding an hotel in the middle of the night….

Ms Prof is used to it but….”HE won’t have a BAR of it” she says with an eye-roll “HE only wants to fly BOOKED…” Exasperated sigh.

Yesterday’s Thai flight was booked to the gunwales, but 47 years of seniority works wonders on occasions like this.

Seats in Business.

The years of penury finally paying off…..

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1 Response to Not for the faint of heart….

  1. Kate Mura says:

    Oh, what a terrible thing to endure. . . the rigors of stand-by!!

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