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Only in New Zealand…..

….can one enjoy an eloquent and witty discussion about the relative virtues of sheep and cattle between a leading political journalist (Jane Clifton, @rumpole3) and a leading economics and business journalist (Bernard Hickey, @bernardchickey). Pure gold….. Advertisements

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“It looks like a couple of worms, John.”

Said Helen. My friend John Dunlop makes exceptional olive oil, shows exquisite taste in convincing Helen to marry him and makes a really good flat white. His latte art is crap, though. I avoided being aesthetically offended by having a … Continue reading

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In 1972, Lufthansa was the first airline to introduce the 747 freighter, flying initially between Frankfurt and New York. Great excitement, but where do you load it? They built a high-lift platform at the arse-end of the airport (where cargo … Continue reading

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Myopia rules. OK.

The folk who had the cottage over the winter got a $50/week rent rebate for looking after the garden. They appear to have overlooked a few weeds…….

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Christmas is early this year

Metrosideros excelsa aka Pohutukawa or the New Zealand Christmas tree traditionally blossoms Christmas time. Good to see this fine example greeting us on the walk between the international and domestic terminals at Auckland yesterday morning at stupid o’clock.

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Ancient and Modern

The current exhibition at the Neshnl Gellry of Victoria is quite stunning. Titled Past Legacy, Present Tense it displays recent works by aboriginal artists, drawing strongly on traditional themes and patterns. That would be the bottom image, one from the … Continue reading

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Christmas in Australia

Where they knit socks for trees and have kangaroos towing Santa’s sleigh. (They’re traditionally named Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen, but down here it appears they’re all called “Heyskippyyerbastardgetafuckinmoveon”….)

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