Aporo Sculpture


The Ruby Bay bypass which rips its way through through the gorse and pines between Mapua and the coastal road to Motueka took heaps of traffic away from the Ruby Bay coastal route, stretching from Mapua to Kina

Good for people who had logging trucks barreling past their front door day and night, not so good if you made a living out of passing tourists.

The Ruby Coast Initiative Trust was created with the idea of making sure that people with time of their hands were nudged in the direction of the unique coastline.

And came up with the idea of signposting the route with 9m tall stainless steel sculptures

The first sculpture was  installed near the Tasman Village turnoff on Aporo Road, a 9 metre high stainless steel structure with silhouette cut outs of birds found in the Moutere Inlet with an information panel at the bottom to learn more about the local bird-life and acknowledge major sponsors.

The Mapua sculpture is intended to be based on a similar design but with fish and other marine life depicted and will be placed at the southern entry to the Ruby Coast on Mapua Drive, near Mapua Village.

The final gateway will be a series of totems with birds & fish and will be placed beside the bypass near the junction of Stagecoach Rd and the underpass.

Good stuff

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2 Responses to Aporo Sculpture

  1. Kate Mura says:

    Interesting markers.

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